Ownership Group

The ownership group of Bad Doggie Media consists of a team of two movie and entertainment aficionados that are dedicated to the fun, cultural experience, and pure enjoyment that comes from cinema.

Bad Doggie Media - Tracy BahlTRACY BAHL:
( tracybahl@baddoggiemedia.com )Tracy has spent his entire career in the healthcare industry, but his passion for film and media entertainment has been a constant along the way.  Intrigued by the challenges facing the media industry, and excited by the opportunities they represent, Tracy is proud to be part of Bad Doggie Media.  Both he and Kelly strive to be vital and productive contributors to the media industry’s exciting future.In addition to his role at Bad Doggie Media, Tracy is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Bahl Group. Since the formation of the company in 2007, he has been dedicated to creating and advancing meaningful businesses in growing, evolving and exciting industries.In his day job, Tracy has served in executive roles at some of the nation’s leading healthcare services organizations. TRACY’S OFFICIAL BIO

Bad Doggie Media - Kelly DeKeyserKELLY DEKEYSER:
( kellydekeyser@baddoggiemedia.com ) Like a lot of boomers, Kelly fell in love with movies, television, books and entertainment as a youngster.  He enjoys the art, and the way it can make you think, help you experience a world beyond your own, or just escape for a while. BDM is a vehicle for Kelly to experience that enjoyment on a new level, as a producer and a small participant on the big canvas of entertainment. Kelly’s experiences as a CEO, board director, entrepreneur, and investor help him approach this unique industry from a different perspective and with a different set of expectations.You can find more information about Kelly on LinkedIn, Facebook and the Health Payment Systems web site.